About PAI


The Society of Actuaries of Indonesia is a national organization of the actuary profession in Indonesia dedicated to providing services to the general public and its members.

PAI was established on October 19, 1964 with 25 members at the time. Over the years, government regulations regarding the insurance industry and pension funds that require the expertise of an FSAI have contributed to the growth of the actuary profession in Indonesia and resulted in government recognition of the Fellowship of the Society of Actuaries of Indonesia (FSAI).

PAI issues the Actuarial Practice Standards and Actuary Code of Ethics which contains professional practice guidelines and code of conduct standards that must be implemented. This guide helps members regarding professional standards that are considered reasonable in the various opportunities they face. PAI also issued instructions on the disciplinary process of members to ensure compliance with professional practices and ethical standards of its members.

PAI has been a member of the International Actuarial Association (IAA) since 2007. As a member of international organizations, PAI represents Indonesian actuaries on the international scene and cooperates with other actuarial organizations on the basis of shared interests.